ChatCompose Guides

Here you can read some guides on how to effectively implement your chatbot.

ChatCompose User Guide

Guide to create, configure, train, install and use your own chatbot and our panel.

How to build a ChatBot with Chatcompose

Create your own chatbot from scratch with this guide and an active ChatCompose account.

How does ChatCompose work

ChatCompose creates chatbots and smart agents that can provide support or initiate conversations to get more contacts or leads.

What are chatbots for and how do companies use them?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that can simulate a conversation (or a chat) with a user in natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile applications or by phone.

How to train your chatbot with answers

To train your chatbot you have three options. 1. Use your own pairs of questions and answers 2. Load a Competence 3. Import your Questions and Answers

How to add Live Chat on your website

Add live chat to your website to talk to current and potential customers in real time.

How to make reservations and appointments with your chatbot

Enable the booking system in your chatbot to schedule appointments, meetings and generate more leads automatically.

How to create conversational scripts for your chatbot

A script is a message / set of previously stored messages, or previously written phrases or sentences that provide a direction in a specific conversation.

How to connect your chatbot to an external API

In this guide we will show you how to connect your chatbot chatcompose to an external api. We will show you the necessary steps for your chatbot to connect with wikipedia and extract information from its official api.

How to integrate ChatCompose into Facebook Messenger

Create your own chatbot for facebook from scratch with this guide and an account on ChatCompose.

Whatsapp Chatbots. What are they and how to create them?

In recent years, Chatbots have taken giant steps in a world that is becoming more and more digital. These little robots have been evolving to interact much better with us and give us an unforgettable experience.

Advantages and Disadvantages of chatbots in customer service

The main advantage offered by chatbots from the point of view of customer service is automation. You can optimize human resources and manage conversations with users in a highly efficient way.

How to use Chatbots in Education and Learning

Chatbots are one of many great promises in information technology. They were conceived as a new interface, designed to replace or complement applications or visits to a website by having users simply interact with a service through a chat.

Use Chatbots to Increase Direct Bookings

Chatbots to increase direct booking in hotels and apartments are a great opportunity to increase the direct booking of the accommodation. Additionally, at the moment of the reservation, the chatbot can offer tourist services on what to do or how to get to the hotel.

Automation of Call-Centers with Conversational Bots

Automation of work in contact centers is not a new topic. IVRs have supported and simplified the work of telephone agents during the last decade. These automatic response systems, once cataloged as too "robotic", have already learned to communicate in a more informal and natural way with people with the advent of Vocal Technologies.

How to Install a Chatbot in Shopify with ChatCompose

Having a chatbot in your shopify web may be more essential than you think. Chatbots allow you to offer customer support and interact directly with the visitors of your Shopify platform.

How to give your chatbot a personality

The personality of a chatbot must be aligned with the DNA of each company. The process to generate an identity to each chatbot is different, it all depends on the image of your brand and the message you want to communicate.

Chatbots can help build trust in your brand

ChatBots are self-help tools that are improving bidirectional communication for better business results. Customers get an improved experience and feel they can trust in the business.

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