How to receive files with your chatbot

A chatbot can be used to receive files and send them to you. You may want to collect documents, pictures or other files from your user before continuing with a conversation. Our chatbots will allow just that, you just need to follow a few steps.

Before you start please read the guide How to create scripts for your chatbot.

When you are creating a script for your chatbot, you can select the form component. This component will as the user to upload a file, which later will be sent you by email. You can also get the file in the "Form Results" section.

To allow file upload select "File" as the validation option for your form component.

A text question or request will be sent to the user promting him to upload a specific file, such as a document, picture or text file.

The chatbot will then allow the user to upload a file of a maximum size of 10MB. The request will look like this:

You will receive the file link by email. But you can also check it the Form Results section.

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