Chatbots for Email: Opportunities and Use Cases

The sense of urgency in digital communication requires both suppliers and customers to be prepared to respond as soon as possible. Whether by phone, text, social media and email, customers expect to receive a response in the shortest time possible.

Using an email bot together with a human agent can significantly improve the relationship between company and customer, as well as promotion and marketing tasks.

How does an emailbot work

An email bot is a tool that can provide responses related to email received instantly.

The mail chatbot operates through contextual analysis and artificial intelligence, and can be configured to give personalized and specific responses via emails.

Perfect complement

These automated chat programs can complement human work to improve communication efficiency by responding to inquiries and handling clients when representatives are not available.

In addition to being available 24/7 and never getting sick, integrating a chatbot into your email reduces customer support tasks and allows staff to focus on more important objectives, such as improving business performance.

Advantages of using an email chatbot

Response speed improvements

The speed of response represents an important competitive advantage in companies.

Surveys show that responsiveness can increase your chances of winning a potential customer by 7 times.

Marketing campaign automation

Email chatbots can be programmed to send emails to potential customers at the correct stages of acquisition, sale or post-sale.

They can optimize marketing campaigns, combining the possibilities offered by both email and chatbots via web or social networks, allowing sales teams to focus on other priorities.

How to configure the ChatCompose Emailbot

The chatcompose Emailbot can be configured for two purposes:

Send automatic replies

The email chatbot can search for possible responses to the received text by querying the chatbot's response templates.

Once found, it will respond with the 3 possible answers with the highest score. If it does not find answers, it will not send any messages and will notify a manager that it could not answer the request.

To configure, navigate to Install> Email. Then click on the Automatic Responses section.

In the automatic responses section you can set the Subject of the email, the email address where any replies should be sent, and the email template in html with the responses, that can be edited to give the email a more personal touch.

Each emailbot has its own address in the format user (at) You can configure a forwarding address from your mail to the emailbot's address or make the emailbot's address public to receive messages.

Notifications and Conversation Scripts

The emailbot can be used to send notifications or to initiate conversational scripts by mail (Email> Sender). These scripts can be used to generate leads, qualify customers, conduct surveys, and make reservations, among others.

Emails can be sent through the platform, (maximum 50 per batch) or an API can also be used to send notifications and scripts automatically and as part of a flow.

Use cases

Automated execution of workflows

Integrating the operation of email and a chatbot will allow you to send automated emails, automatically qualify and filter contacts from your mailing lists, send email notifications, among other tasks.

Sending confirmation emails

You can integrate their email account with your chatbot, so that it sends specific and relevant automated emails to your customers. These emails can: confirm a purchase, a shipment, an appointment, among other actions.


One great way to grow a business is newsletter subscription options. While you can offer customers the option to subscribe to your newsletters through a pop-up window, you can also allow users to choose to receive their content directly from your chatbot.

Users can choose how often they receive content and specify what they would like to receive. A chatbot can even store consumer responses to use in future conversations.

Match subscribers to the content they're looking for

Your chatbot can use data sources from different channels (such as templates and websites), to handle relevant information for your users.

From there, you could use that information to send personalized content to each of your customers. This cross-channel data will increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns, allowing you to better segment and target targeted customers.

Chatbots have become a powerful tool that allows customers to interact with your company and brand, in a more personalized way and in a natural language. By integrating email with chatbot technology, you will be able to capture a greater number of potential customers and make them willing to build loyalty with your company.

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