How to enqueue calls with a Phonebot

The Enqueue service or "call queue" service allows you to reproduce waiting music before the call is transferred to the extension with a representative. If the extension is busy, then the call will stay on the queue.

The callers can be dequeued automatically when a representative becomes available or it can be done manually, where a representative calls a dedicated phone number to dequeue and answer the call.

If you are looking for a solution to manage your incoming calls and have your customers wait on line while an agent takes the call, you can build a phonebot with an enqueue component.

This will allow you to have multiple calls on hold, where the calls will be dequeued according to FIFO (First In, First Out) which means that the first to enter the queue is the first to leave the queue when an agent is available. 

Build a Phone Script

In order to enqueue calls you will need to build a phone script. A phone script is a  set of previously stored messages or commands that provide a direction in a specific conversation. More information at How to build a phonebot.

In your script you will need to add the enqueue component, after a message indicating that you will be putting the call on a queue.

If you choose to record the call, let the caller know before he reaches the enqueue component.

All incoming calls will we put on hold until the destination number becomes available. The queue will play some background music and it will tell the caller what is his position in the queue and what is the average wait time for that queue.

This type of queue is very basic, and only for one number. If you are expecting a larger volume of calls it is best to use Manual dequeuing.

Manual dequeuing

For manual dequeuing you will have to purchase additional phone numbers, dedicated to dequeuing the calls, and set the component called Dequeue in your script.

In the component you can enter a url with waiting music or you can upload your own mp3.

The dequeue component will place all incoming calls in a queue with your waiting music. It can hold up to 100 calls in a single queue.

In this type of queue you can only connect with the calls by calling dedicated numbers for the queue.

Assign numbers for the queue

To assign new numbers for your phonebot queue go to Phonebot>Call Logs. There you will find a button "Go to queues".

In the Queue section you will be able to assign new numbers for the queue, check the amount of calls in a queue, and the call logs for the dedicated numbers.

This section will be updated automatically to show any incoming calls in the queue.

To assign a number to the queue select "Assign New Number". Also make sure you have purchased more that one number for your account, because you cannot use your phonebot number to connect with the queued calls.

A list will appear with all your purchased numbers. Select and add one from the list to assign it to the queue.

The new number will appear in the Available number list.

By calling any of the numbers on the list you will be connected to the first call on the queue, and when that call disconnects, it will automatically connect you to next call if any.

Set your working hours

In the Phonebot>Settings section, you can define you working hours and the unavailable message to speak.

If a caller calls outside those ours he will not enter the queue but he will hear your unavailable message.

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