Chatbots for law firms

The revolution that chatbots are going to bring will reach all sectors of the economy when it comes to changing customer service and sales. That is a reality that can no longer be ignored, and no one doubts that is one of the unstoppable trends at the moment.

However, not all sectors will be affected equally and the first adopters of these new tools ("early adopters") can benefit earlier from this technology.

In the legal sector there is a huge opportunity to improve customer service and sales. Especially since it is common for legal firms or independent professionals not to have a commercial team dedicated to this function and it is the partners who, among their many functions, carry out commercial management when they have time.

This means that customer attention is not immediate, that the necessary resources cannot be devoted to it and that many times clients are lost because they did not get a response in time.

A chatbot in the strict sense is a question-answer or input-output software: before an input of information, the software executes predefined actions.

How to use a chatbot in the legal sector

Today we can find the following chatbots in the legal sector:

1. Chatbots that act as the first filter (or qualifier), so that when the final query comes to the human lawyer, they already have a lot of information in advance from the potential customer, such as his filed of interest (property, civil etc.) and his budget.

2. Simple question answer chatbots. These will provide answers to common questions, such as deadlines (when does the action to claim this damage prescribe?), Amounts, how much is the fine for driving at 180 km / h on the highway? o yes / no (is it legal to ride a scooter through the park?).

3. Chatbots for generating documents based on variables entered by the client. These have been very fashionable for years and are usually simple contracts: sale of property, rental of housing. By entering a series of data, the chatbot generates a final document that, many times, is exactly the same as how a lawyer would have written it. In any case, for now it is always advisable to review it by an expert.

How to create the chatbot

Luckily you don't need to be a programmer or have extensive technical knowledge to be able to create, install and design a chatbot because there are platforms that do everything for you. To build it in ChatCompose you will need to:

Create your account on a chatbot platform. Folow this link to create one.

Once the account is created, go to Chatbots>Use Cases. There you will find a chatbot template for law firms.

The process of installing the chatbot is the only one that requires a little effort on your part. Go to the Install section of the platform for instructions on how to install a chatbot on your web, messaging apps or phone.

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