How to manage and collect payments with a chatbot

According to a report by the consulting firm PwC, the application of bots and artificial intelligence in the financial sector will evolve in the coming years, similar to the arrival of ATMs. Most businesses have begun to incorporate chatbots to communicate with their customers online, offering customer care 24 hours a day by providing them with automated payment solutions.

Chatbots for websites, social networks and instant messaging applications that interact with the user through text an phonebots are some of the solutions that have been incorporated. 87% of banks already have a bot or have plans to incorporate it in the coming years, according to surveys.

Collect payments with a chatbot

To collect payments with ChatCompose you will need a Paypal or Stripe account. You can create a chatbot to process product orders or to just collect due payments from your users.

ChatCompose lets you install conversation scripts into you chatbots with the use of components. You can choose components in the right menu to add them to a conversation. More information in How to create conversation scripts.

Payment Component

You can include the Payment Component in your conversation to create an invoice for your users. You can select to charge them with PayPal or Stripe.

To configure the component enter the amount, the currency and the merchant key. You can also choose to wait for the payment before you continue the conversation or not.

For more information read the Stripe, and Paypal payment guides.

For example you can start a conversation with "To purchase our product X we need to process your payment first". Then you wait for the payment and you continue the conversation by getting the shipping address or their email.

You can also just start the conversation with "You have an outstanding payment with us" and redirect them to the payment.

Web chatbot

To collect payments, the web chatbot will show them a payment button. Once the payment is processed the chatbot will continue or stop the conversation, depending on the configuration or the component.

Messaging Apps

For messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook, the chatbot will provide the user with a link. Once the user visits the link and pays, the chatbot will be notified of the payment and continue with the conversation.

Phone Payments 

You can also collect payments by phone by configuring the Phone pay Component. A Stripe account and a phonebot is required to process the payment. More information here.


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