ChatCompose Course

Learn how to configure and build a ChatBot

Class 1: An Introduction to ChatCompose

ChatCompose is a ChatBot platform for marketing and support. Through the platform you can create your own chatbots, design conversation scripts and install your bots.

Class 2: Configuration and Installation of your ChatBot

ChatBots have become the holy grail of marketing and it is time for you to have yours. In this class we want to show you how you can configure a ChatBot on the ChatCompose platform.

Class 3: Use the Script Creation Interface

In this class, we explain how to use the ChatCompose script creation interface, how to add and edit components and more.

Class 4: How to automate processes with ChatCompose

Process automation is a quick and easy way to complete the desired task efficiently with consistent and accurate results the first time and always.

Class 5: How to create WhatsApp chatbots

You can use the answers and scripts of the chatbot you created on ChatCompose for Whatsapp. Your whatsapp chatbot will receive and answer messages the same as with your web chatbot.

Class 6: How to create a Phonebot

By designing a phonebot, you can automate most repetitive tasks and queries and filter the most urgent support and customer service requests, allowing your team to focus on higher priority tasks.

Class 7: Contacts and mass mailing campaigns

The creation and maintenance of a contact list is one of the most important tasks in any marketing strategy. The results of your campaigns will depend on the quality of your contact list, so it is necessary that you dedicate time to this task.

Class 8: How to create a Context

There are two ways you can configure the context of a bot. Based on the number of interactions the conversation is on, or based on the content of the messages your chatbot has received.

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