Phone bots for Customer Service and Sales

Automate customer service. Reduce your costs.

Telephone bots receive and make sales calls to potential customers to complement the work of your sales and customer service team. Our phone bot can filter and qualify your clients, allowing your support team to focus on higher priority tasks.

What you can do with a phone bot

  • Answer and make calls with a bot or with recorded messages.
  • Capture keyboard options.
  • Answer frequently asked questions.
  • Capture voice responses and transcripts from callers.
  • Transfer calls to other numbers for certain events.
  • Filter and direct conversations based on rules and conditions of answers.
  • Play Recordings.
  • Conduct Surveys.
  • Collect Credit Card Payments.
  • Dial numbers and tones
  • Enqueue and dequeue calls
  • Schedule appointments and make reservations.

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Automation. Cost reduction.

Call your clients to notify them about invoices, appointments and scheduled meetings, renewal of subscriptions, or to get feedback on your service. Our phone bot interacts with your customers in a natural way while identifying and recording their response.

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Answer Phone Calls

Setup Phone Numbers to answer incoming calls with a PhoneBot. Filter, Qualify and transfer your calls and let a Phonebot handle the more boring and repetitive tasks and only focus on the most important calls and requests.

Setup Phone Numbers in more than a 100 countries and in their own language.

Make Phone Calls

Make Phone Calls to current and potential customers by uploading a List with Phone numbers and the script you want to run. Market your product or service to more than a 100 countries by spending only a fraction of the normal cost.

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Test a demo phone bot

Call our number (510) 692-4891 to test our telephone bot. It will give you these choices 1. Leave a message. 2. Talk to our bot and 3. Talk to a representative.

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