ChatBots for dental clinics and dentists

Technology is developed to make life easier for us and ChatBots are no exception. If you haven't heard of them yet, ChatBots are computer programs that can create AI-powered online conversations.

And the best thing is that they can be applied to any area. If you are a dentist for example, instead of training an employee to receive your patients or book appointments you can program an application or ChatBot to perform all these tasks and give information on your services.

How do they work?

How a ChatBot works depends on at least two different structures. Natural language processing is responsible for understanding user requests, while knowledge management helps provide an answer.

Each interaction with a user helps improve the responses of your chatbot with the help of machine learning and a knowledge template, which allows the bot to understand human intents.

A ChatBot will attempt to provide relevant information to a user by anticipating the purpose of the interaction based on the information it has.

Although it is important to emphasize that ChatBots still have limited market penetration at present due to the current capabilities of AI, it is something that will gradually increase until it reaches its maximum potential.

ChatBots are currently best suited for those tasks that you would entrust to a new employee. You can imagine your dental ChatBot as an intern eager to learn.

They are a new way to automate frequent tasks in your practice such as providing information on procedures, prices, appointment scheduling and reminders of appointments.

This allows you to free up your staff for more important tasks, improving your productivity as well as increasing employee satisfaction. Nobody enjoys checking a list of patients everyday and having to call them individually.

ChatBots can also be used to show inventory, billing, and insurance claims management.

What can they do?

ChatBots designed for dental clinics could fill the following roles:

Book appointments: A ChatBot can serve as a conversational assistant and can  book an appointment with the dentist.

Dental assistant tasks: A ChatBot can work in the tasks as a dental assistant. They can ask questions about symptoms (questions and information provided by a professional) and then schedule an appointment while referring the patient to a particular dentist.

Receptionist tasks: A ChatBot can send notifications to users about the state of their appintment or reminders of the appointment they hae made.

Information on treatments and procedures: ChatBots can provide patients information on procedures and treatments you clinic provides.

Advantages of using a ChatBot in a dental office

Here are some of the most basic advantages of using ChatBots:


ChatBots are an innovative way to automate frequent processes. They can provide critical information to your patients, such as procedures, prices and treatment. They can also book and confirm appointments in your name.

Save money and increase productivity

They are cost-effective. They can work for 24 hours a day and for a tiny fraction of the salary of an employee.  If you several patients are asking the same questions, you can train the chatbot to provide those answers instantly.

Get feedback from your patients

You can use a chatbot to request feedback on your services after the consultation. This allows you to get anonymous and honest information to improve certain aspects of your clinic.

Provide fast and real-time information

Chatbots are a great way to keep people informed about the availabiliy of their dentist and the state of their appointment. They can even allow patients to cancel an appointment without having to pick up the phone.

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