How to give your chatbot a good personality

Designing a bot personality

The personality of a chatbot must be aligned with the DNA of each company. The process to generate an identity to each chatbot is different, it all depends on the image of your brand and the message you want to communicate.

To define what personality or identity you want to give to your chatbot, you must include aspects such as Language, physical image, character, as well as based on aspects such as the values ​​and attributes that you want to transmit from your company and those you want your brand to be associated with.

For example, if your company is a startup, and normally your language and communication is flexible, the language that your chatbot will have must be collegiate, fresh and fun.

On the other hand, if your organization handles complex issues, the chatbot must have a more serious and formal language, with more structured and concise phrases.

The personality of the chatbot will depend on the style and type of clients your company is looking for.

How to create a chatbot personality 

Personality is something essential when it comes to having a ChatBot since this will allow people to live a much more enjoyable experiences. We know that everyone likes nice personalities, so having a ChatBot that knows how to treat others is wonderful.

The first thing you can do is give it a sympathetic or intelligent name, depending on your target audience. For example: If your site is a ticket sales e-commerce, you can call it "TicketBot" or "TravelBot".

If your site is a medical clinic, you can call it "DoctorBot", etc.

This allows for better interaction, gives much more realism and depth to the conversation and users might not even notice that it is a program with preloaded answers. But how to give personality to a ChatBot? Well, start with the following:

Aspects of personality

Personality is everything, so think about the level of extraversion, awareness and compatibility that your bot will have when interacting with users.

There is a difference between answering the question "Who am I talking to?", "I am a bot" or "I am DoctorBot, the medical robot made to fight diseases".

Talk a little smalltalk

Your bot could be set up to make a joke and ask questions about the day the user had while doing some task.

Speak the user's language

A bot will always feel more genuine if it can speak the jargon of its users. You can configure specific responses depending on the formality of the message and the words used.

For example, if the word "dude" is used, you know that it is casual slang and you can respond accordingly.

Lead the conversation

If you allow your bot to direct the conversation, you can know the needs or requirements of the users and direct the conversation to pre-made routines or scripts.

Here you can see how to set up scripts and components for your bot.

Set conversation options

Consider closed questions as this will keep the conversation more fluid and with fewer errors. You can configure components of options that act as guides and to better identify the user that is speaking.

Taking this advice will cause your ChatBot to have a great personality.

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