What type of calls can you automate with a phone robot

Call automation, is a type of infrastructure automation, and it uses systems to create repeatable instructions and processes to replace or reduce human interaction. It increases availability and allows customer support teams to focus on more important issues.

With our platform you can create and automated phone system to make and receive calls for common support and sales tasks.

Use Cases

Customer Support

Bot to answer frequently asked questions and transfer calls.

Modern automation tools greatly improve customer service. These help people solve problems, leading to faster resolutions. They also keep customers updated on their requests, and allow support teams to pay attention to more complex issues.

Support ticket

Open a support ticket and call them back.

A technical support ticket is a way of receiving a query or report of a problem related to any of your services.

Automating assistance tickets allows you to resolve an incident in a shorter time and in a more effective way by assigning each of the inquiries to the most appropriate person on the team. In addition to facilitating communication with your team, the support ticket system allows you to filter and give priority to requests.

Sales Cold Call

Call a potential customer and then transfer to sales.

Cold calling is a marketing process whose purpose is to attract potential customers or consumers of a certain product, without these people previously waiting for that interaction.

Sales: Create a Lead

Call a potential customer and create a Lead.

A lead is a potential customer who has shown interest in consuming a product or service by providing their personal contact information. Creating Leads in an automated way is more effective. You can then segment the contact list into small groups and personalize communications so that they give you more data or move to the next stage.

Sales: Appointments

Call a potential customer and schedule an appointment

Making a good first impression will increase your chances of capturing a new prospect.

To schedule a first meeting, take into account your availability and not that of your client, since your prospect may indicate a distant day for the appointment and the objective is that it takes place in a short term. You can let them select a day from a list of options.

Collect Payments

A script to collect payments by credit card.

Although new communication technologies and tools have been developed, calls are still an ideal way to interact with the client and encourage him to pay off his debts on the agreed deadlines or as soon as possible.

The effectiveness of this task will affect, to a large extent, the liquidity and financial stability of your organization.

Phone Survey

A Simple phone survey to measure customer satisfaction.

A telephone survey is one of the survey methods used to collect data from the general population or from a specific target population. Trained interviewers use phone numbers to contact and gather information from potential respondents.

It is important when evaluating a certain product. Thanks to telephone surveys, you can find out the interests of the client and the opinion they have about the company.


A phone script for clients to create complaints.

Even the best companies find it difficult to anticipating the wishes and expectations of each individual customer. It often happens, that most of your customers are satisfied with your offer, but some find fault with the product or service offered. Occasional failures in production, supply or delivery cannot be ruled out: sometimes the product or service does not reach the customer as planned.

These things will most likely happen, so creating a bot to handle complaints can be extremely useful to resolve issues and let your customers express their opinion.

Account/Product status

A script to retrieve product/account status.

If tracking is available on your systems, you can configure a bot to return the current status of a product. You can also use it to provide account information and any other client or product related information.

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