Chatbots in ecommerce to increase sales, upsells and cross-sells

Artificial intelligence is helping to automate and optimize processes in the field of sales. AI can make the work of an ecommerce faster, more efficient and smart through a chatbot.

This technology in recent years has been made available to both large distributors and retailers and in all cases it offers only advantages. However, you have to know how to use it. Here we show you how to use chatbots in ecommerce.

How to sell with chatbots

A chatbot allows a business to have a commercial conversation with our clientsthrough an interface. A chatbot can be trained with answers to guide the user towards a purchase or it can be programmed with a flow chart to guide the user in his purchase with the information he needs.

A chatbot is not only available 24/7, but it also captures and saves user information that is of value to our business and that we might not otherwise have. People are more interested in chatting than filling out long forms.

The chatbot can guide your customers through the purchase process and manage to close the sale. Users do not feel as pressured as they usually feel with a human agent when buying, they ask all the questions they want, the times they want and can find products they really want with the help of a well-trained bot.

Surely you must have been in the position of having a question while shopping online, and your purchase depended on the answer to that question. But it was not easy to find the information you needed and you wanted to get it fast to move on.

Well, suppose your question is about the refund policy on a product. As a customer you have the opportunity to quickly ask the bot and receive the answer that, if satisfactory, will help you decide on your purchase. 

Start with Facebook Messenger

In Facebook Messenger you can program answers to specific questions, it is a very useful tool that you can implement in your fanpage because it allows you to offer an immediate response to your customers, all the time. It is especially useful when you receive inquiries and are out of working hours.

In addition, while social networks such as Twitter are losing popularity, Facebook Messenger is one of the apps that has been growing over time, currently with more than 1.3 billion users. Its popularity comes in large part because it is a messaging app and adults and teenagers like to use messaging all day.

Messaging apps are perfect for people to interact with brands, in fact 53% of people do and are more likely to buy after receiving an immediate response. And when talking about messaging apps, of course we cannot let the now owned by Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram pass.

ChatCompose not only lets you build a chatbot, but it also lets you install it in all the channels you want. You can register for free here.

Increase your Up Selling and Cross Selling opportunities

Up Selling is the additional purchase that the customer makes for any related product that he has bought or is interested in buying, and is achieved from knowing the customer, his interests and willingness to purchase.

Cross Selling is as the name implies, a type of cross-selling that happens when the customer is offered a complementary product to what he is interested in buying or has bought.

A chatbot can help you make both types of sales in a permanent strategy. When a customer goes to your bot to look for a certain product, it can offer and make sales with similar and complementary products from the one they initially looked for.

The difference with this type of operations is done by a human agent, is that the client does not feel pressured. And when the client is undecided, the chatbot can give you the most appropriate options for them to choose the one that suits them.

No abandoned carts

Among the reasons why customers leave shopping carts in ecommerce and leave them unpaid, are:

  • Customers disagree with shipping costs.
  • They feel distrust or have doubts about the products.
  • They have had bad experiences with online shopping on other sites unrelated to yours.

Chatbots significantly reduce the phenomena of abandoned carts because they help customers in their purchase at every step. Basically, they act as a specialized advisor who is in charge of solving doubts and giving solutions so that your clients continue shopping on your page. For example, the bot can offer similar and cheaper products to the customer if the price is not convincing.

In addition, the chatbot can help you get insights on what makes customers decide not to buy (they may find it difficult to process or need another payment method), by which you can optimize the operation of your ecommerce.

Makes A / B Testing easier

The A / B Testing is the action of comparing two versions of the same site to see which one works best, therefore, it serves to know what type of page gives a better user experience at the time of purchase or browse of your website. However, modifying the website constantly implies time and money and many cannot afford it, so a chatbot can be a great help.

The chatbot can give you the key points or insights to improve user experience, so you do not have to invest in creating another site. You can program your chatbot to ask your customers what bothered them about the site or how to improve their shopping experience.

It helps you filter customers

Data of all online behavior is saved and is used to improve the experience you provide. A chatbot can do the same as Facebook or Netflix by saving relevant information about your customers and showing them what is of their interest.

Filtering customers saves time, money and guarantees more sales, while the user experience improves because attention is personalized.

For all these reasons, do not hesitate, a well-configured chatbot is your best opportunity to increase your sales and optimize your ecommerce.

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