Artificial intelligence. Natural Language Processing. Machine Learning

ChatCompose creates chatbots and smart agents that can provide support or initiate conversations to get more contacts or leads. All backed by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies.

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Reusable components

ChatCompose allows you to show components during a conversation with your users. Some options are:

  • Option: To show selectable options by the user.
  • Form: To capture important data from your users.
  • HTML: To show elements designed by you.
  • Media: Send photos, videos and files to your users.
  • Payment: Create payments to be made for your users (with PayPal).
  • Reservation: Show your availability and let your users book it.
  • LiveChat: Talk to your users Live.
  • External API: Shows data from external services.

Design Conversational Scripts

Design your own sales and support scripts to approach and interact with your clients on your own terms.

Use cases

Install scripts and pre-packaged components for different use cases. Upload chatbots with a specific purpose and then install them on your site, application or preferred communication channel.


Artificial intelligence

Start-to-end digital assistant solution backed by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies, to predict what your clients are actually looking for and what they really mean to say.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing models focus on the understanding of the language or message sent, and on more general human cognitive aspects such as the intention or purpose of the communication.

Machine Learning

Machine learning techniques allow to generalize behaviors and messages from historical information of the conversations, thus calibrating the chatbot so it learns to respond with more precision.

Multi-Channel Integration

You can integrate Chatcompose to the most popular messaging, support and social media platforms. This way you deliver a unified support strategy through your main communication channels.

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