Chatbots for real estate companies

Chatbots are the latest trend for websites and online businesses. We can find them almost everywhere.

But unlike what many think, Chatbots are not here to replace humans, but to help people by providing accurate information and expediting all kinds of transactions.

An area where it is just beginning to gain ground is in the real estate industry. Many real estate agents are already interested in taking advantage of this technology.

Chatbots can do much of the work and tasks that agents used to do, such as doing follow ups for potential clients online, evaluating and rating the potential client and retrieving information from databases.

Once the lead is captured and qualifying questions are answered, the new contact may be ready for the agent, who receives an instant notification of a new lead.

When buying or selling houses, most people turn to the Internet, but are reluctant to complete the registration forms. However, a lot of them are willing to talk with a chatbot.

Immediate responses

Chatbots are always online, therefore, no matter what time of day they receive an inquiry about a property for sale, your chatbot can provide the customer with the information they need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is specially useful, when it responds to question outside working hours. A chatbot can resolve visitor concerns, when the real estate agent is not available. Real estate agents can also configure the responses chatbots show to make them interact as they want.

Gather information

Every time a visitor has a conversation with a chatbot, it will be collecting important information. A Chatbot has the ability to create a potential client or lead while collecting information for the database of the real estate agent.

For example, if someone is looking to buy or sell a property, your Chatbot will ask for a preference of location, type of house, number of bathrooms among other things. All this information can be analyzed by the real estate agent for a follow up or even for future marketing campaigns.

Schedule property visits

At the end of the conversation, a Chatbot may also provide information about the availability of real estate agent assigned to the property concerned and take a request to schedule an appointment.

It will take note of the preferred date and time and notify the real estate agent with the potential client information. In case the chatbot cannot answer a particular question, it will easily direct the query to a customer service or sales representative that can quickly assist them.

Virtual visits

When potential clients are too busy to see the property in person, chatbots for real estate can offer interested people a quick virtual tour with a video or images.

This gives them a clear idea of how the property would look even before scheduling a site visit.

Bottom Line

A chatbot can obtain the most important information that the agent needs and the client receives an answer to his questions. Chatbots can do the job when support and sales teams cannot or do not have time to do it, and they always capture information of potential clients.

To start building your chatbot to handle real estate agent tasks, register to use the platform and make use of our pre-built chatbots with skills and scripts specific for the real estate industry.

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