How and when to escalate a conversation from your chatbot

There are many ways to communicate with customers, but chat interfaces are definitely the most common and useful. New generations love to chat more than reading emails, browsing websites or even making calls.

Companies are beginning to take advantage of chatbots for the main messaging apps or even the interfaces within their websites, providing the support services that their customers need.

What they don't yet know in many cases is discerning when to escalate the conversation. We will try to develop that discussion here.

When to use a chatbot

Chatbots are solutions designed to improve the customer experience by automating sales processes and customer support. The first great advantage of chatbots is that they are always on, serving customers by answering their simple questions and prequalifying potential customers by asking relevant questions.

You can design the chatbot your company needs according to your business goals with our platform. This solution, available 24/7, can serve countless people at the same time, without having to be on a waiting list. They are designed to improve the customer experience by responding quickly and accurately.

When to use live chat

Live chat allows users to connect with sales and support representatives for real-time assistance. The statistics specifically say that 70% of consumers prefer to chat live, and the majority who receive chat support are more likely to come back and buy again.

There are certain queries that require elaboration and discussion, and cannot be resolved with a chatbot. Customer service agents walk the user through the problem to resolution.

How to escalate a conversation with ChatCompose

With ChatCompose you can create a chatbot to escalate a conversation by using the Livechat component. 

You can use the Livechat component after the chatbot receives a message (for example: "I want to talk to someone"), or as part of a more elaborate script, that performs some qualifying or filtering before escalating the conversation to a human agent.

More information at: Livechat.

You can also escalate a conversation manually by intervening a particular conversation in your chatbot.

For example if you notice a conversation is not going very well, you can go to the Intervene section and take over the conversation from the chatbot.

More information at: Intervene.

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