How to make a good sales pitch with a telephone bot

Although many people do not believe it, telephone sales are still an effective method of closing a good number of sales. However, most companies avoid them because they assume that this is not effective at all.

And it is a secret for no one that robocalls are annoying for many. But this certainly happens because they don't know how to approach the caller well. In the following article we will tell you how to make a good sales pitch over the phone using the ChatCompose phonebot.

Steps to an effective phone sales pitch

A good phone presentation can help your business increase sales and build your customer base. However, before making a call, research the contact or business.

Practice and test before calling a client, as this can help you polish your message and technique before contacting potential clients using your telephone robot.

Having said all this we invite you to follow the next steps to create a good sales presentation by phone.

Develop a sales script for the phone

Think about your goals when calling a customer or prospect.

As you prepare your script, be clear about your purpose. For example, determine if you are making this call to generate interest in your product or make a sale.

Customize each call based on the product or purpose you are calling about and your goals.

Present your company

When they pick up the phone, start by introducing your company. You can say:

"Good morning, Mr. Collins, I am calling on behalf of Company X and we provide services that will help your company increase its profits."

This introduction is professional and also tells the caller why you are calling.

Since it's better to have a dialogue than to bombard the prospect with information, wait for the caller to answer a question using the keyboard or by voice.

Explain the purpose of your call

You should thank the person you are calling for taking the time to talk to you. After drawing the attention of the caller, discuss the purpose of your call.

Provide relevant details about your company's products and services. Briefly explain how your services will help the individual or the company.

Provide facts and figures about your business to back up your claims, and take the time to answer any questions the caller may have about your business.

Request a meeting

Before hanging up, request a follow-up meeting with the caller. Although a face-to-face meeting is ideal, scheduling a follow-up call is a positive result.

Both offer an opportunity to provide more details about your products and services through a more detailed presentation, and gives you time to develop a personal strategy that can benefit the business of the person you are calling.

Since you are requesting a meeting, let the caller decide the best time, date and place.

Tips for an effective pitch

A phone sales presentation is very different from doing a sales presentation in person. It is an important distinction to make.

You will have to change the way you design your presentation, and how you interact with your prospects and clients.

With the telephone bot, you must take into account that there are some factors that work against you or in your favor, these factors are for example:

  • People are less responsive to cold calls.
  • You have less time to convince the prospect.
  • Some people are less receptive to talking to a phone robot.

So why do you want to make sales presentations over the phone when you can connect in many other ways: email, social media, text messaging, and video chat?

Well, the reality is that, even in our internet-based world, few tools are more effective and necessary to generate sales and sales appointments than the phone.

Many may consider it an archaic method but the truth is that it is still a very useful tool for many sellers. And if it continues to be used it is because it really works.

Here are 5 tips to learn how to make successful sales over the phone:

Practice makes perfect

You are not going to make a perfect sales presentation on your first try. Like anything else, it takes time to hone your craft, get to know your products, your customers, and learn to identify what approach to take.

The more calls you make, the more opportunities you will generate.

Plan your phonebot sales call

If you don't plan, you will surely fail. Before scheduling a presentation call, get to know your target audience, review the information you have about their interests and preferences, understand their most pressing needs, and understand the products and services they would most benefit from.


Most sales reps already use a script for a sales call. Using that same script for a phone robot is fine.

Where they run into trouble is when you make the script too complicated. When you do this, it's easy to get caught up in a stage of the presentation when the potential customer still wants more information about something else.

Get to the point immediately

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of people hanging up before the pitch is over. Therefore, you must be direct, keep things short and get to the point quickly.

You can elaborate on key points and characteristics to generate interest. Generate interest and then worry about the rest.

Tone matters

The call should sound professional, and how the voice sounds on the phone is important.

Informal language may sound unprofessional, talking too much, speaking over the customer, and other bad verbal communication signals can make the call seem unprepared.

Consider testing to see what the phone call sounds like to find ways to improve your phone presentation.

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