Use Chatbots to Increase Direct Bookings

Chatbots to increase direct booking in hotels and apartments are a great opportunity to increase the direct booking of the accommodation. Additionally, at the moment of the reservation, the chatbot can offer tourist services on what to do or how to get to the hotel.

Increase direct booking with a chatbot

Currently, hotels are struggling day by day to increase their direct reservations in favor of the reservations of online travel agencies (OTAs). For achieving this, hotels set up promotions and discounts on their website. The objective of these is to attract more users and make the reservation on their website.

In addition to this type of promotions, you can work on encouraging the purchase of other accommodation services. This can be done through chatbots.

Chatbots to increase direct booking are a perfect tool to help hotels in their fight with OTAs. First, you have to install a chatbot on the web of your accommodation. Then, when a potential client visits your website, a chat window will appear in the lower right hand corner of the website offering help. The simple fact that the chatbot offers help, can cause the user to start a conversation and you can know the reason why he has visited your website.

But how do you guide them towards a reservation?

Among the different options that the chatbot can present when the potential customer initiates the conversation are the discounts and special offers. The potential client can check availability and price through the chat window. They only have to choose the dates of entry and exit to start the reservation process.

Once this is done, they will be shown different rooms with their respective prices. In the chat you show not only text but also images. Video tours of the facilities can be offered, including menus and pictures of better rooms or comments from previous guests.

It is also a good way to enhance cross sales and increase the customer's REVpar. The objective is to offer the option of booking transportation to the hotel, late checkout or even a massage.

Chatting is something we do every day, so taking advantage of this habit is a great opportunity to guide the user in the booking process in a simple and natural way.

Chatbots for quick questions

Most of the time we go with little time and we need immediate answers to make a decision on our purchase choice. Therefore, what better than to offer your guests what they want when they want it? This is only possible with a chatbot where the answers are automated.

Instead of calling the receptionist or the contact phone of the web, the guest will write to the chatbot to answer their questions. The accommodation only has to configure the answers and the chatbot will solve the queries without human intervention. It can also answer in different languages and at the same time from different parts of the world. The bot can notify customer service staff if a problem occurs.

Chatbots for incidents

The chatbot is also a channel where guests can communicate any incident that occurs within the accommodation. For example, if the dryer does not work or the air conditioner is broken they can make that report. They will only have to indicate the room number and the problem in question.

It is a very comfortable way for the client to communicate the incident without having to go down to reception.

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