How to use chatbots to streamline recruitment

All companies want their recruiting processes to be as fast, effective and as low cost as possible. With that in mind, human resources have begun to implement cutting-edge technology solutions like chatbots. Bots optimize the entire process and can bring great benefits to the universe of human resources. Let's see how.

Reasons to use a chatbot

They make recruiting more humane. Digitization in the HR world is not a new thing, but it is accused of offering dehumanized treatment. Chatbots break that paradigm through conversation.

The bot does not attempt to trick people into believing that it is human, it openly reveals its identity, but with a friendly algorithm, always positive and willing, and accompanies candidates through the process. A bot helps make the experience personalized and more enjoyable.

At the service of the candidates. Candidates need information about the job or the company, and the bot can deliver it 24/7. Candidates will not be afraid to ask and in fact through the answers those who are not really interested can be filtered. That way you save time and money.

Facilitates sourcing. Sourcing is the slowest recruitment process. But the bot can share information only with those it considers to be potential candidates.

Some bots are configured to ask users specific questions and, depending on the answers, they go to the next stage. This works wonders in the human resources department, as it streamlines the entire process.

Improve the corporate image. Chatbots with their custom dialogues offer a personalized, attractive and even fun experience. This technology offers a positive, dynamic, modern and avant-garde image of your company.

Right now, chatbots are changing from being an alternative to being cutting-edge technology for companies that want to grow and are in the process of automation. Therefore, a chatbot in the recruitment area indicates that your corporation is not lagging behind, that it is one step ahead of new developments. This makes your company more attractive to applicants.

How to use chatbots for recruiting

Clearly, the reasons for using bots in the recruiting process abound, but most don't even know how they work or how they're used. Well, chatbots can do a job that would take weeks to a recruiter automatically and in seconds.

These bots integrate different algorithms that can instantly evaluate and classify information. The more candidates they interact with, the more effective the bot will become thanks to machine learning, provided that the technology incorporates artificial intelligence.

Most chatbots are simply built based on a flowchart, they guide the user or candidate in the conversation in order to obtain the data that qualifies him or her for the job. The entire conversation between the chatbot and the candidate is saved in a database that the recruiter can later review, evidently giving priority to those profiles that the bot allowed to proceed based on their responses.

But how can you use a bot in your recruiting process? Here are some tips:

Define the role of the bot. Tell him what to do, align his conversation based on your recruiting strategies. It even allows the bot to communicate to the candidate what their abilities or their objective are, that way the experience is improved.

If you choose machine learning, train it. If you choose an AI-based solution, try to spend time training the bot to have the widest range of responses possible.

Create a robust, comprehensive solution that simply does not stop the process with any given error, because it will hinder the recruitment process. If you can't create a solution like this because you don't have the time, then choose guided conversations with options, which allow the candidate not to stray and find what they are looking for easily.

Give it personality. Remember that chatbots should be able to humanize the process a little more. On this subject, don't forget to give your bot a name, add a touch of humor or another convenient personality trait with the company's philosophy. It is about making the process much more fluid and attractive, not mechanical and boring.

Advantages of using a chatbot for recruitment

Chatbots offer quick and personalized responses to candidates in real time, 24/7. No human agent could achieve this.

They give relevant information. They can guide about vacancies, requirements, process status, collect contact information and more.

Filter and Transfer. They can be responsible for receiving resumes or CVs and referring previously filtered people.

They save time by performing tasks uninterrupted. While bots do their fair share, recruiters can perform other important functions that cannot be automated.

The selection process is streamlined, as this technology evaluates candidates more quickly and effectively. They can serve an indefinite number of candidates in one day, even at the same time, and they can define who is qualified to move on to the next phases.

These smart and well-programmed systems can classify candidates by category, evaluating candidates objectively, without any bias or prejudice in the selection process. In other words, the chatbot does not discriminate based on factors such as gender, race, culture, etc. That adds objective diversity to your organization.

If the time has come to start a new recruiting process, think of bots as a solution that will bring the most qualified team of employees and professionals to your organization.

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