Chatbot Platform for Conversational Marketing

Conversations. Leads. Conversions.

With ChatCompose on your website or application, any conversation can generate a lead. Instead of using traditional platforms such as phone, email and forms, ChatCompose captures the best potential customers in real time.


Chatbots are what modern companies are using to automate their marketing.

ChatCompose interacts with the visitors of your site, identifies their needs and interest in your products and then generates a lead by capturing their info or continue with the sale

Interact with your buyers at the right time, when they are on your site

ChatCompose makes it easy for you to connect with your site's users so you can answer their questions in real time, convince more potential customers and close more deals.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Relying on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies, our chatbots make robust inferences about what users really mean.

They also automatically adjust the classification parameters depending on the success rates of the answers.

Answer frequently asked questions

Use pre-established Question and Answer pairs to respond the most frequently asked questions in your site or app.

You can deliver text responses or rich components (images, videos, forms, calendars etc.). Import question answer pairs in bulk by uploading your own sheets.

Simple Deployment and Testing

Deploy your chatbot in your site or app by adding a few simple lines.

Test your chatbot inside the admin panel before deployment to ensure its proper behaviour.

Generate Leads and improve conversion

Generate leads automatically and received them by email. Integrate the chatbot on your web or application and capture leads 24/7. Implement a sales assistant to improve conversion.

Components and Rich Media

Deliver dynamic and Rich Media Content to your users by creating video, html, link and option components. Improve your user experience by offering interactive content that increases the engagement of your clients and improves the chances of completing a sale.

Complete customization

Our Chatbots offer the option of total customization, allowing you to give them the personality that you choose, with the design of your choice.

Automate your sales with Sales Scripts

Sales scripts are pre-packaged templates designed to help you address and convince your marketing target. Capture, convince, and connect with visitors on your website. Our intelligent chatbot will capture the contact information of that visitor, register the potential customer and their conversation, so that you can then write or sell directly to them, all in seconds.

Analytics and Intelligence

Get information about what your customers want and are talking about. You can obtain more intelligence about your customers with the use of statistics and intelligence generated by a Chatbot.

Live Chat Support and Intervention

Monitor and intervene your bot conversations whenever you want. You can also offer live chat support in cases where a chatbot is not enough.

Data Integration and Follow-ups

Integrate the messages and captured data of your users for a better follow-up, giving you a more global and contextualized view of your potential customers.

Reports and Logs

Automatic logs of conversations and sales scripts facilitate your research about which strategies work best, and which are the interests of your target consumer.

Tracking and Capturing

Our Chatbot allows you to generate the data that you decide. You configure the bot to capture the information you want about your customers, their preferences and their needs.

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