Chatbots for your website and Facebook

Conversations. Leads. Support.

With ChatCompose on Facebook, any conversation can generate a sale, and most requests for support can be solved. Instead of using traditional platforms such as phone, email and forms, ChatCompose captures the best potential customers in real time, and allows you to offer customer support for a fraction of the normal cost.

Easy Integration

Set up your chatbot for your website and Facebook with a few steps, read our guide here:

  • Create a ChatCompose account
  • Create a Facebook Developers account
  • Create an application and add the messenger product
  • Generate security tokens
  • Insert the route of your ChatCompose account
  • Subscribe the application to your Facebook page
  • Make your application public
  • Proactive interactions

    In general, companies participate in passive interactions with customers. They only answer queries, but they do not initiate conversations.

    AI chatbots can start the conversation and inform customers about sales and promotions.

    Greater Commitment from your customers

    Chatbots can create a conversation with any customer about any problem at any time of the day, and participate in friendly interactions with your customers. They only give little information at a given time. This way, they do not bore customers with unnecessary information.

    Improve your customer service

    More and more companies are choosing AI chatbots as part of their customer service team. Chatbots can respond to customer queries in an cheap, fast and consistent form. These are the main advantages of using AI chatbots for customer service.

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