Chatbot for Wordpress

How to install ChatCompose

A ChatCompose chatbot is easily installed on any Wordpress site, you just need to register and download the plugin, then upload it in Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin. You will also need an identifier from your ChatCompose account to activate your ChatBot. You can get a free trial here.

Plugin Installation

Steps to install:

  1. Register in ChatCompose
  2. Download the Plugin from the Installation Section
  3. Install it on your wordpress site > Plugins> Add New> Upload Plugin
  4. Activate your plugin
  5. Enter your ID in the plugin (The user id you provided in registration)
  6. Save the changes

Why should you install ChatCompose in Wordpress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create a blog or other type of website.

With almost 10 years of existence and more than a thousand themes (templates) available on the official website, it is not only a simple and intuitive system to create a personal blog, but also allows you to create all kinds of more complex websites.

WordPress is an ideal system for a website that is regularly updated. If content is written frequently, when someone accesses the website, they can find all that content in chronological order (the most recent first and last the oldest).

By installing a chatbot on Wordpress it is possible to automate most of the frequently asked questions and answer the customer's queries about your product or service immediately, you can also capture contact information from potential customers, schedule appointments and other sales and support tasks.

With ChatCompose on your Wordpress site, any conversation can generate a sale. Instead of using traditional platforms such as phone, email and forms, ChatCompose captures the best potential customers in real time, it can qualify your leads and respond to frequently asked questions.

Advantages of using chatbots on Wordpress

Chatbots serve two fundamental purposes: improve customer service and automate business processes. The capabilities offered by these virtual assistants are very useful, especially in the retail and commerce sector, since their technology is capable of offering immediate responses and simulating interactions as if it were a person.

Customer Service 24 hours a day

Do you want to reduce operating costs without compromising the level of satisfaction of your customers? Chatbots can answer customer inquiries at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.

They can also resolve a large number of queries, especially those that tend to be repetitive, saving your team time and money. 

It is not that chatbots have come into our lives to replace human work, they are here to make work much easier, agile and efficient.

They offer immediate and automated responses

Immediacy, personalization and relevance are the most prominent trends in e-commerce, and customers demand it. We are used to having answers arrive instantly with just one click, especially when we talk about the e-commerce industry.

As the waiting time increases for a customer, the chances of losing it to the competition multiply. Response and delivery times are always decisive factors when choosing which online store to buy from. There is no question of the value that incorporating chatbot services into customer support brings.


They save time and optimize processes

Typically, many of your customers have similar questions. Although the answers to many of these questions may appear in the FAQ section of your website, many customers do not spend time searching for the answer. This makes chatbots a very convenient way to automate personalized responses to all these frequently asked customer questions. 

Millennials like chatbots

Millennials are undoubtedly one of the largest and most active demographic groups in the online shopping industry, and they prefer to comunicate over messaging apps. Chatbots offer this convenience by providing consumers with an immediate channel of communication while shopping.

Involve your customers

Approach your clients with digital assistants to improve their customer experience.

Our digital assistants are a start-to-finish solution based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology.

Interact with your buyers at the right time, when they are on your site

More and more companies are choosing AI chatbots as part of their customer service team.

Chatbots can respond to customer queries in an cheaper, faster and more consistent way.

Increase your Sales

A chatbot is an intelligent agent that can provide customer support or initiate conversations to obtain more contacts and leads.

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