Chatbots for Android and iOS

Distribute your chatbot with an App. Add to an existing mobile App.

ChatCompose creates chatbots for conversational marketing and support that you can distribute with a mobile App or add your existing mobile application. Create, distribute and easily edit your bot, generate intelligence in real time and generate more sales.

Improve customer experience and conversion rate of your mobile application

It has been proven that adding a chatbot to your application increases commitment, retention and conversion rates. Beyond this, you can improve browsing and user experience, collect feedback from your customers and more. Instead of creating a separate infrastructure for chatbots, add one to your existing application.

Build a single Chatbot for your mobile application, for your website and social networks

Our development panel allows you to create, edit and distribute conversations in minutes. Our platform was designed to be easy and intuitive, so that even non-technical members of your team can manage their bots.

Automate your sales

Sales scripts are pre-packaged templates designed to help you address and convince your marketing goals. Capture, convince, and connect with visitors on your website. A chatbot can be a start-to-finish solution for your capture and sales processes.

Automate Customer Support

With a chatbot App you can automate customer support by offering answers to frequently asked questions, opening support tickets or redirecting the conversation to the appropriate person. Capture support requests and then answer their requests to their email. You can also deliver interactive instrucctions with videos, images and links.

Book Appointments for sales and other services

You can also use the chatbot App to book appointments according to your availability, to offer sales and product presentations or to offer your users bookings for other services. Enter your availability in the platform. Assign the reservation component and you will be ready to schedule appointments by email or phone.

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