ChatBot for Joomla

ChatCompose for Joomla

With ChatCompose on your Joomla site, any conversation can generate a sale. Instead of using traditional platforms such as phone, email and forms, ChatCompose on Joomla captures the best potential customers in real time.

Plugin Installation

Steps to install:

  1. Download the Plugin
  2. Install it on your Joomla site > Extensions> Manage> Install
  3. Go to plugins, activate and edit
  4. Register in ChatCompose to get an ID
  5. Enter your user ID in the plugin
  6. Save the changes

Automate your sales

Sales scripts are pre-packaged templates designed to help you address your marketing goals. Capture, convince, and connect with visitors on your website. A chatbot can be a start-to-finish solution for your lead generation and sales processes.

Improve your customer service

More and more companies are choosing AI chatbots as part of their customer service team. Chatbots can respond to customer economically, quickly and consistently. These are the main advantages of using AI chatbots for customer service.

Create Commitment from your customers

Chatbots can initiate a conversation with any customer about any problem at any time of the day, and participate in friendly interactions with your customers. They can provide solutions, open support tickets and guidance.

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