Chatbot for Whatsapp

ChatBots for Whatsapp

ChatCompose lets you to test a chatbot for Whatsapp with one of our numbers while you wait for your account at Whatsapp Business Api to be approved. Create your own answer bot and scripts to offer support or automated sales to your customers.

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To try our whatsapp bot, you can request it by interacting with the web chatbot, or by clicking here.

How to create a Whatsapp Chatbot?

Chatbots continue to offer great benefits to businesses and consumers, and today Chatbots for WhatsApp are doing the same. They undoubtedly have taken digital businesses to a new level and have managed to save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in staff costs for the customer service sector.

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Voice and Text

If your users want to make a voice recording, they can make it from the same application and send it to a WhatsApp chatbot. This function is very useful when they cannot write a text message.

You can configure the chatbot so it performs speech recognition and decide whether it returns a response in audio or text.

Why build a WhatsApp chatbot?

As technology advances, so does productivity and communication with companies. For example, tools such as chatbots allow you to hold online conversations with clients, and provide them with automatic responses to their most recurring queries.

A good use of chatbots can improve the communication of companies with consumers or users by providing clients with a better experience, and companies with important data that will allow them to better understand their users and adjust their strategies.

How can a Whatsapp chatbot help?

Improve customer service. As a tool, chatbots quickly resolve customer queries, something millenials value very much.

Save time and money. Preventing the companies from allocating time and resources to the resolution of a complaint, and limit face-to-face interactions with customers to the most important events.

Save human resources. Allocating people to answer messages is no longer necessary, as frequently asked questions can be resolved through chatbots.

Segment customers and provide insights. Chatbots can act as salesperson because they can quickly obtain qualified leads for a sale, that is, to segment the user to make it a customer.

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