Premium Plan with 5 users

The Premium Plan allows the creation of 5 additional users.

Each additional user can:

  • Create and Edit Scripts
  • Test and change bot settings
  • Add and delete answers
  • Add subjects
  • Use Livechat
  • Add and edit Calendars
  • Check captured Leads/Tickets and Conversations
  • Change the style and the use case of the bot

Additional users cannot create new bots, nor change ChatBot integrations parameters. Only the admin (root) user can perform those tasks.

To create a new user, visit the Edit profile section by clicking on the Profile Icon:

Once in the Edit Profile Section clic on the "Create User" icon. It should be bellow the change password section:

Once in the Add Users section, you will be able to enter the new user email, name and password.

An email notification will be sent to the email entered. The newly created user has to confirm his email before being able to login with his email and initial password.

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