Chatbots to generate leads and contacts

Install a chatbot on your website to help you generate leads and potential customers.

You've probably noticed that more and more websites and pages include chatbots, and the move towards conversational marketing as a standard for websites is becoming popular.

You may not be interested in forcing your customers to chat, but you may be missing out on a great opportunity, since the use of chatbots for generating leads works and chatty customers are generally happy customers.

If you are looking to add a chat function to your website or even create a landing page centered on the chatbot, one of the most important elements is a good script or template (interact with the chatbot to see an example).

Substantial increase in leads

Many customers have already seen an increase of up to 33% in potential customers on their website, by adding a chatbot, compared to traditional web contact forms.

Why chatbots are so effective in generating leads

The amount of information that can be gathered about people through chatbots is amazing. At the level of user experience, it is much more effective since it makes the collection of information a fun and interactive experience.

Instead of asking users to fill out a long form, chatbots take a conversational approach to getting potential customers.

People are already used to using applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Slack, and a conversational chatbot that asks some questions seems completely natural.

This is the perfect time to use messaging marketing to grow your business. Chatbots can turn your lead generation funnel into a more powerful funnel and automatically deliver new qualified leads every day.

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