Chatbot to manage and collect payments with Stripe

Payment management is rapidly evolving toward digitization, automation, and a self-managed solution. Through ChatCompose and Stripe, it is possible to guide your users during the payment process, automatically and without the intervention of an human agent.

Thanks to chatbot technologies you will be able to manage and collect payments from your users automatically whenever the make an order or when they show a due payment.

Chatbot payments with Stripe

To start collecting payments with ChatCompose you will need to open an account with Stripe.

First go to the Stripe Console to get the Publishable key.

You will also need to create a new new product. Go to Products and create a new Product. Enter the amount and the description of your product.

When you are done creating the product, click on it to get the price key. It will be in a format similar to price_xxxxx

Save the Publishable key and the price key, you will need them to integrate payments with your chatbot.

Enable Checkout

To begin using Checkout, log into the Stripe Dashboard and navigate to the Checkout settings. From here you can enable the client-only integration and customize the look and feel of your checkout page.

You will need to enter the domain where the payment will be made. Enter

Payment component

In ChatCompose, to start collecting payments you will need to create a Payment Component.

Components are part of a conversation script that you can create with ChatCompose. To learn more visit How to create a conversation script.

Inside the component, enter the Publishable key, the amount, the currency and the price key. You can also choose whether the payment is required to continue the conversation or not.

Whenever a user reaches the payment component in the conversation he will be prompted to make a payment. 

The component with Stripe does not work on the web chatbot, but it does work on a messaging applications (WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram etc.)

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