Desktop Chatbots

Organizations are actively and significantly using chatbots for automating their internal business processes. We can’t deny the fact that these AI applications are not only helping organizations but are also impacting our personal lives too.

Chatbots can serve as help tools for improving communications. Companies can use them to improve their employee's experience, to help with human resouces tasks and to offer internal support.

You can automate the most frequent support tasks using assistant chatbots to maximize the time and efficiency of your internal support and human resources requests.

Our chatbot platform gives you a set of tools to conveniently build, train, implement and manage you chatbots for web, desktop, social networks and messaging applications.

How to build a chatbot for Mac, Linux and Windows

To build a chatbot with ChatCompose, you will have to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Register
  • Step 2: Select a Use Case or purpose for your Chatbot
  • Step 3: Customize the messages and style to fit your site or brand
  • Step 4: Upload Question and Answer pairs
  • Step 5: Create Scripts
  • Step 7: Test and calibrate your Chatbot
  • Step 8: Download the chatbot to your OS

You can read the complete guide here.

Common Use Cases

Help with onboarding

New employees must always complete basic paperwork such as tax forms and can also sign non-disclosure agreements or other legal documents when they are incorporated.

Chatbots find documents, answer questions about how to complete forms and clarify any ambiguity.

Chatbots can also transmit company policies. It means that a new employee has at his disposal information such as vacation days, how to ask for PTO, areas of work and their restrictions and more.

That is, you can ask a chatbot and clarify any doubts about the policies of the company.

Conduct surveys and obtain feedback

Chatbots allow you to have a virtual interviewer who can identify interesting topics and track them in the same way that a human interviewer would. But scaled.

Answer support requests

More and more companies are choosing Chatbots as part of their employee service team. There are several reasons for that. Chatbots can answer queries economically, quickly and in real time.

Book appointments and schedule meetings

Not only can chatbots be designed to provide service and support, with an appropriate component they can help schedule meetings.

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