ChatCompose Voice

Our VoiceBots are voice-based interfaces that can use natural language to converse with your users. Virtual Voice agents are automated systems that address customer needs, without the intervention of a human being. Interactions with our voicebots can take place through multiple channels, such as web, desktop and through an API.

You can create and install a voicebot to schedule meetings, generate leads and qualify clients, conduct surveys, and answers support questions, among other use cases.

To talk with the chatbot press the microphone icon, speak and then send the message.

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Advantages of using voicebots

In addition to everything discussed above, automated systems provide versatility in customer service that translates into:

- Availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

- They provide instant and accurate information -

- Reduction of customer waiting time

- Filtration and redirection of potential customers

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

With Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies, our chatbots are able to make inferences about what users really mean, or their intent.

They automatically adjust classification parameters depending on the success rates of the answers.

Use cases

You can install conversation scripts and components for different use cases or scenarios. Load chatbots with a specific purpose and then install them on your site, application or preferred communication channel.

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