Chatbots to make reservations and bookings

Install a chatbot on your website to book reservations from your customers and guide them easily through the steps of making a reservation.

A reservation system via chatbot is a fun and interactive way to allow potential customers to book appointments or make reservations based on availability.

Customers can navigate through a tree of options for their products / menus / services, answering questions according to their preferences to receive relevant recommendations and make purchases, all within their own site.

Note: You can interact with our chatbot to see a reservation demo.

Custom Reservation process

Not only can chatbots be prepared to display the features, services, and attractions of the service, with an appropriate script they can guide website visitors through the path of making a booking.

In addition, since the interactions are individual, you can take advantage of the opportunity to present the best online rate available with an intelligent incentive package (promotion or special offer) to promote direct booking.

Customized reservation offers based on individual profiles can keep customers in the sales funnel, even when they have not been previous customers.

With Machine Learning, chatbots not only keep improving the answers, they also improve their creation of the potential customer profile. The right incentives can maintain the customer's commitment to make a reservation even if they only visited the site to get information.

Tips when designing a chatbot for reservations

Chatbots use artificial intelligence technologies known as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand what is asked and deliver the correct answer. Still, there is a long way to go before these algorithms are advanced enough to handle the full language of the client.

Therefore, before resorting to a chatbot, it is important to understand that you are the one who sets the parameters that prevent customers from being frustrated.

Start with preprogrammed answers

Previously created answers allow you to establish reasonable expectations at the beginning of the interaction, and allows clients to understand that they are dealing with a bot and not a human.

Based on questions that customers ask frequently, you can make improvements to your previously created answers by using the data your chatbot gets.

Build an intelligent conversation flow

Chatbots ask questions and can guide the conversation in the right direction. That means you should think of ways you can send clients to the actions you want them to take. In the case of hotels, the most intuitive place to start is the reservation process.

Transfer to a human agent

Due to the limitations in the technology of Language Processing, it is important to understand that human assistance will be necessary in some cases, and should always be an option.

Fortunately, chatbot conversations can help give your support staff more context so that they are more prepared when talking with the client.

How chatbots can help the reservation process

Create a better booking system

Reservation chatbots have the potential to offer a much more personalized experience than booking websites, so big names like and Skyscanner have already created bots to do this work.

Instead of clicking on a screen, these chatbots simulate a more natural experience of speaking with a travel agent.

Help support the customer

The chatbots are prepared to do much more than booking and answer the thousands of queries that their users may have on a given day.

Chatbots can respond in real time to inform about services and conditions of service, make recommendations, receive complaints and more.

That leaves the customer service staff free to focus their efforts on the customers whose needs require a human agent.

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